Each year, the Pride and Remembrance Association selects charitable organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community.

The 2018 Pride and Remembrance Run beneficiaries are:

LGBT Youth Line LGBT Youth Connect

LGBT Youth-Connect aims to create a centralized hub that supports networking, skill-sharing, and collaborations among 2SLGBTQ grassroots youth groups and youth leaders across Ontario. Youth and youth groups will be able to connect with each other directly utilizing a centralized communication platform (through Slack) to share information, request resources, and collaborate on issues of mutual interest. We will also host online meetings for groups to connect around similar issues or participate in skill-sharing sessions facilitated by topic experts. A dedicated section on our website will further support youth with resources and tools on how to organize community-driven spaces with a focus on building more anti-oppressive, accessible spaces while increasing their understanding of the unique needs of individuals identifying as Trans, Non-binary, Two-Spirit, Asexual, and Intersex. Additionally, LGBT Youth-Connect will complement Youth Line’s already existing referral database to make it easier for youth across the province to find local programs and services.

Canadian Lesbian Gay Archives (CLGA) Digital Hub Project

The CLGA currently has 15 separate databases which are used for cataloguing and describing different types of materials. The software does not provide validation controls to ensure consistent data entry, making searching, reporting, and data entry cumbersome and inefficient. With our current system we would not be able to make our collection database available to the public for in-house or on-line searching – only our staff and volunteers have access.
Digital Hub will be a new search interface to the records describing the diverse collections housed at the CLGA, as well as the full text of significant newspapers and documents such as The Body Politic which have already been digitized. This search portal will allow researcher anywhere in the world to delve into the collections, see connections between items, request more information from the CLGA, and add their own comments and feedback. The behind the scenes administrative database management system will also be upgraded to comply with current national descriptive standards for each material type, and to improve consistency of subject and naming conventions.

Women’s College Hospital  Transition-Related Surgery Compassionate Fund

The Transition-Related Surgery Compassionate Fund at Women’s College Hospital will help offset the cost of select transition-related surgeries (TRS) not covered by OHIP for eligible patients. The out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of these surgeries can often have a devastating impact on people who may be already facing socioeconomic challenges. The goal of this fund is to provide better access and support to trans people undergoing their transition-related surgeries at Women’s College Hospital.

Pride and Remembrance Foundation

The Pride and Remembrance Foundation is the charitable foundation responsible for the distribution of funds raised by the annual Pride and Remembrance Run. The Foundation’s mandate is to provide financial support to registered charities that benefit the LGBT community. The Foundation accepts applications for financial assistance from registered charities throughout the year.

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