Toronto, Ontario (May 4, 2018)

Project: Transition-Related Surgery Compassionate Fund

The Transition-Related Surgery Compassionate Fund at Women’s College Hospital will help offset the cost of select transition-related surgeries (TRS) not covered by OHIP for eligible patients. At this time, funds may be used for chest contouring/masculinization, breast augmentation, and travel expenses incurred for those having TRS at Women’s College Hospital. The out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of these surgeries can often have a devastating impact on people who may be already facing socioeconomic challenges. The goal of this fund is to provide better access and support to trans people undergoing their transition-related surgeries at Women’s College Hospital.

“My patients, by and large, have had negative experiences with hospitals and the healthcare system, and I give them the care they deserve. I didn’t by chance land upon this specialty, I chose it as a way to not only perform surgery, but also as a way to serve social justice. With barriers recently removed for patient evaluation and referral in our province, we are now able to perform transition related surgeries at Women’s College Hospital – it is our goal to be able to offer the first vaginoplasties in Toronto by the end of 2018. Additional funding offered by the Transition Related Surgery Compassionate Fund, supported by the Pride and Remembrance Run, will further alleviate the financial burden of transition-related expenses, ensuring patients have access to comprehensive care regardless of their socio-economic background.”

Dr. Yonas Krakowski, Gender Reassignment Surgeon at Women’s College Hospital

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