Toronto, Ontario (April 27, 2018)

Wondering how you can supercharge your Pride Run fundraising this year (or get started for the first time)? Check out below how you can take your fundraising to the next level this spring!

Did you know? Every dollar you raise for this year’s Pride and Remembrance Run will go towards three amazing projects that benefit the local LGBTQ+ community:

• LGBT Youthline’s LGBT Youth-Connect project will create a centralized hub that supports networking, skill-sharing, and collaboration among 2SLGBTQ grassroots youth groups and youth leaders across Ontario.

• Women’s College Hospital Foundation’s Transition-Related Surgery Compassionate Fund will be used for selected transition-related surgeries (TRS) not covered by OHIP. The fund can prevent high out-of-pocket health care expenses that can have a devastating impact on people who may already be facing socioeconomic challenges.

• Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives’ Digital Hub project will bring the CLGA’s rich collection of LGBTQ+ history into the 21st century by allowing the CLGA to host digital exhibitions and better facilitate research into LGBTQ+ shared history.

Help support vital local initiatives with these fundraising tips:

1. Set a goal
Whether its $100, $500, or more – set a goal for yourself! This will help to motivate both you and the people you’re inviting to donate to your cause. Break your goal up into smaller pieces, and give yourself easy-to-reach targets.

2. Get motivated
Everything is more fun with friends! Create a team with a group of your friends or coworkers and help to motivate one another to meet your fundraising goals. More of a go-it-alone type? Why not invite a friend (or frenemy) to compete in a fundraising challenge? Loser treats for post-run drinks!

3. Make it personal
Why are you participating in the Pride and Remembrance Run? Let people know why this event is important to you, and how their donations can make a difference in Toronto’s LGBTQ+ community. Keep your supporters updated on your fundraising efforts, and your preparations as the run gets closer – whether it’s training up for the 5K, or turning out with your most fabulous athleisure look.

4. Start early
Let’s face it: people are busy! That means that they might not see your calls for donations, or remember to follow up after your first, second – or even fifth – ask. Starting early ensures you have enough time to get your message across and accomplish your goal.

5. Host an event
Talking to people face-to-face is by far the best way to inspire donations, and events are one of the best ways to find an opening. Whether it’s a low-key bakesale at your office, a spring picnic, or an upscale dinner party, events are a great way to raise awareness and enthusiasm.

6. Ask!
That old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained” rings especially true when it comes to fundraising. You’ll probably be surprised by how many people are interested in supporting a good cause if given the chance. So get out there and give them that opportunity!