The 2019 pride & remembrance run Ambassador team has been assembled to represent the diversity, social, active, and community- minded spirit we believe in.

Our Ambassadors are volunteers who are here to connect and inspire you, and to promote our message of inclusion and giving back to the community.

Need training tips? Have a question about race prep? Want to know how to take a better runfie (running selfie)? Ask our Ambassadors.

If you are interested in connecting with us for future Ambassador opportunities, please email us -



Arthur Mendonca



Moved by the tragic events at Pulse Nightclub in 2016, I joined the pride & remembrance run because I felt the need to do something to help. Participating in this great event every year has brought so much more meaning to Toronto Pride for me. Joining the Run wasn’t only a great experience the first time, but the following years as well, so I decided to keep doing it for as long as I can. I am Canadian fashion designer interested in travel, photography, art, movies, reading, and of course working out and running.

Chris Wannamaker



Coming from a family with many LGBTQ+ members, and having myself come out as gay at 15, I'm running for future generations and to show young people today that life can be fulfilling and meaningful as a member of the LGBTQ+ community here in Canada. Plus, it doesn't hurt to raise money for a deserving organization or charity! When I'm not working, which is most of the time, I'm usually flying somewhere, heading up to the cottage, or working out. I'm also big on live music and eating and drinking my way around Toronto.

Danielle O'Hanley



Born and raised in Toronto, I work in social media at BMO, the pride & remembrance run's title sponsor. I train with the High Park Rogue Runners in the city's West end, and am mostly a long-distance runner (currently training for my 10th marathon taking place this April). I've course marshaled and run the pride & remembrance run a few times, and the energy plus the community vibe of the race keep me coming back!  Between running and work, I love cooking, eating out at our fine city's many amazing restaurants, and craft beer.

Jp bevilacqua



I’m a lawyer, professor and performer. For more than 10 years I’ve been an enthusiastic participant of the pride & remembrance run, pretty much since coming out, running straight out of the closet to the finish line. A core group of my immediate and extended family have run by my side every year, a gesture and commitment that is wholly symbolic and remains moving to me to this day. The Run is a definite highlight of every Pride for me, providing the opportunity for the broader LGBTQ+ community to come together, celebrate, remember and commemorate in a powerful and fun way.

Jean-Paul Bédard



20 years ago I turned to running to change my lifestyle. Now I am a recovered addict who has completed over 160 marathons around the world. In 2015, I was named the “Canadian Runner of the Year” and I run to raise awareness for survivors of sexual violence. I’m very connected to the LGBTQ+ community through family and friends, my work with the Toronto Police Service, and participation in LGBTQ+ events.

mike Macdonald



As an active and enthusiastic person, I want to promote a healthy, positive and wholesome experience and impression of Pride Toronto for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Through the pride & remembrance run I am able to share my passion for health and fitness, and the importance of being positive and having fun. Aside from all things fitness, I enjoy playing video games and exploring the outdoors.  

shane dixon



Two of my passions are running and craft beer (after I've finished my run)! Running has played a tremendous role in my life and has helped me mentally and physically (going from 250 lb.’s down to 180 lb.’s). Medals and personal bests are nice but I think the sport is more about the amazing and positive people I've met in the running community – in real life, and online. I'm want to do my part to give back to the community by promoting a fun, positive, and, all-inclusive environment for runners of all levels and backgrounds. The pride & remembrance run is an incredibly fun event and I'm excited and proud to be a part of it!  

Stephanie Katona



In my early twenties I struggled a lot with coming out and self-acceptance because of my sexuality. I have now come to a place where I am proud and fully accepting of who I am. For the last five years I’ve been running my own personal training business as I am passionate about health, fitness and empowering others to become the best version of themselves. Getting more involved with the LGBTQ+ community is important for me and that is why I want to bring together my friends, clients and family to support this great cause. I love music, and all of the performing arts, and I view all forms of movement as a way to connect mind and body and become more in tune with one self.